National Library of San Marino

National Library of San MarinoAddress:Palazzo Valloni 13 Contr. Omerelli - 47890 San Marino
Tel: 0549-882248
Fax: 0549-882295

The State Library of the Republic of San Marino is a historic library, for conservation and public reading purposes, and is the National Library, member of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) since 1993. The State Library and other libraries (University Library, Dogana Community Centre Library, Library of the Permanent Study Centre on Emigration and State Hospital and National Museum) are members since 2008 of the Italian National Library System (SBN) and the Romagna Library Network, whose name changed since then into Romagna and San Marino Library Network.

The Library has in possession not only modern publications, Italian and foreign newspapers and tabloids but also manuscripts with important letters and documents. These manuscripts are collected in a special large section regarding local history, with musical, literary, clerical contents and so on. Worthy to be remembered are the manuscripts preserved in the Palace. A worthwhile section keeps rare Incunabula and Cinquecentine.

The Library has approximately 120,000 volumes of ancient and modern, and several subscriptions to periodicals including 17 newspapers in Italian and San Marino made available to users. The sections on open shelves, in addition to the texts of address literary-humanistic, scientific and legal, there are also books of contemporary fiction and nonfiction, many travel guides and encyclopedias and dictionaries.

To all this must be added the valuable documentary heritage Local :

  • The rich collection of Bibliography San Marino, where are located the historical and contemporary publications of San Marino and the authors of San Marino; Section is constantly increased by virtue of legal deposit law (Law 19 December 1957 n. 31 "Delivery compulsory prints the Government Library")
  • the large collection of prints, posters and flyers
  • an interesting photographic archive
  • important collections of manuscripts (Delfico, Mengozzi, Gozi etc.)
  • periodicals and magazines, among which the most important periodicals local historians