The History of National Library of San Marino

The History of National Library of San MarinoSince 1826 the Regency of the Republic gave expression to their wish to increase in young people zeal, enthusiasm and devotion for Study and Education with the institution of a Public Library but only 1839 the Main and Sovereign Council stated the acquisition of the Library of Onofri Family and this collection was placed inside the Palace Valloni together with the Library of Valloni Family.

The aim of this acquisition was to order and join the Library Properties and gave the possibility to local students and therefore to increase the human knowledge of various sections. To this first collection followed many and many donatives in the years increasing the Library until the creation of the State Library of the Republic of San Marino. The quantity of books was increased in particular at the beginning of ‘900 with the donations of the Library of Bologna, of the Families Broccoli of Naples, Family Nardi of Bologna and Monsignor Renato Paolini; furthermore the collection of publications of Achille Tellini of great interest for natural science students and lovers was also added.

The prestige of the Library grew further thanks to all people that took care of the order and settlement of the collection and endeavoured to the diffusion and utilization of the same. To be mentioned: Federico Gozi, Pietro Franciosi and Onofrio Fattori. Rather Onofrio Fattori obtained the first official charge of “Conservatore della Biblioteca” (Library Preserver) and he carried out a big work of research both of books and other relics, old prints, autographs etc. 1954 was called the Prof. Pietro Zama of Faenza and he put his experience and competence at disposal of the materials preserved by Palazzo Valloni that in the meantime was damaged by the bombs on 26 June 1944. The actual seat of the State Library and Library Property is in the ancient Palazzo Valloni in the historical centre, inside the town-walls of the Republic.